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Statistics and Biodemography research group in Oxford

We are a research group based in the Department of Statistics of the University of Oxford, developing mathematical and statistical tools for exploring life histories and their evolution, with a particular focus on ageing. Some of our projects are highly theoretical, relating to mathematical theory for the evolution of ageing, and ecology of populations in stochastic environments. Others are concerned with scaleable statistical methods for genomics, survival analysis, and longitudinal data. We collaborate widely, with researchers across the world in fields including sociology, demography, medical genetics, botany, and mathematics.

We have just completed an NCRM-funded collaboration, SOCGEN, with researchers in the Oxford Department of Sociology, aimed at developing methodology for social genomics. We are just beginning a new BBSRC-funded project Variability and the latent ageing processin which we will focus on statistical methods for extracting ageing-related information from complex longitudinal data sets. The project is scheduled to run through 31 December, 2021.

Our weekly reading group at the Oxford University statistics department will resume in January.

Members of the group


Doctoral students



  • Chance events in aging. (Steinsaltz, Christodoulou, Cohen, Steiner)
    A chapter in the soon-to-be-published Encyclopedia of Biomedical Gerontology.